2014 Bermuda Billfish Blast Live Hook Up Status
Vessel Photo
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Vessel Information
Vessel Name:Hit & Run
Vessel Mfr:F&S
Length:68.00 ft
Beam:19.60 ft
Port of Origin: 
Engine Mfr:MTU
Website:Click Here
Captain:Corey Gillespie
Mate:Rusty Jones
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Team Anglers
Austin Birr 
Austin Robbins 
Byron RussellMale
Laura RussellFemale
Michelle KeeneyFemale
Rusty Jones Male
Team Stats
Team Status: Not Available
Points: 1400
Elected Categories
Daily Billfish Release Level 1
Daily Billfish Release Level 2
Winner Take All Level 1
Winner Take All Level 2
Team Fish Log
AnglerSpeciesCatch TimePoints
  Video Laura RussellBlue Marlin7.05.14 11:45:47500.00
  Laura RussellWhite Marlin7.05.14 08:45:45200.00
  Video Laura RussellWhite Marlin7.04.14 10:41:29200.00